How the Images on this Site are Organized…

Everyone’s brain works a little differently, but I have tried to organize the photos here in a way that makes sense and enhances a navigation-friendly environment.


The albums, or primary divisions are a way of keeping the menus uncluttered, and helping you find what you need. For instance, the SCAPES menus has below it many types of those scapes, divided by the primary focus of the pictures included. When I categorize and tag my images, I always do so according to what is most prominent in the picture, when at all possible.

Sometimes, there are many things of equal prominence. An example would be in LANDSCAPES. These often include grass, trees, mountains, sometimes animals or even some water. Always, a “SCAPE” as such, will be a vista that is more expansive. Accordingly, the subcategories, like Waterscapes, Sunscapes, Treescapes, etc., all focus more on that thing than anything else.


The divisions go a bit deeper when I categorize something as MACRO–it might be a tree, but it is a super-close picture of tree, where you can see the bark, or the individual leaves, close up. Or it might be a mushroom, where all you can see is that, and very little else.


Likewise, a ground-level shot of pavement or grass might be a bit expansive, but it is literally taken with the camera sitting on the ground, so that what is closer seems bigger, and the rest of the picture fades to smaller perspectives beyond. Ground-level is included as one of the tags, if you want to search for all ground-level style shots.


Necessarily, some shots will appear in more than one gallery, as with the photo on the right, which is in both LANDSCAPES and SKYSCAPES, as it has fairly equal amounts of both.


This criteria would be true of SNOWSCAPES that might also appear, for instance, in ILLINOIS, under the album STATES, since this was the location the picture was taken.

Aside from the listed categories, you may also be looking for a particular element in a picture, or a subject, or a mood, and in that case, simply use the search bar to type in that term, and the photos tagged with that term will appear together on a page.

I encourage you to contact me if you have need for certain photos that might not be available. Perhaps I have them, and they are not yet uploaded, or perhaps I could take that picture for you. If there are any other categories or tags you’d like to see added, please also let me know.

I hope you enjoy your visit, and please share the site with others.


Kelli Jae Baeli
Bestselling Genre-Hopping Indie author of 51 books and 22 bestsellers.