As an Indie Author and Publisher, I have often found it difficult to locate images for my book covers or marketing materials. As a rule, the prices charged by commercial photographers and stock sites are prohibitively expensive, and “free” sites are often risky, as you can never be sure where they got the photo, either. Trust me, you DO NOT want to be sued for copyright infringement. You might wind up paying thousands for that one little photo.

That’s why I decided to offer a whole site of my own photos, with a simple Terms of Use, for only $2 each.

While I lay no claim to the moniker “professional photographer” I also know that I have quite a few quality photos taken with my Canon, that might be of use to others (and my wife Melissa has been taking some pretty awesome shots lately, too).

I expect this site to grow fairly quickly, since we are about to embark upon a new lifestyle that will include quite a lot of travel, so we will have access to a wide range of subject matter for photographs. I hope to also provide some types that are the hardest to find, but that will remain to be seen. For now, I will offer what I can, and hope it will be a cost-effective solution for your need.

Please feel free to friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we will be documenting our upcoming adventure in our travel trailer, with a goal of visiting all 48 contiguous states in America, and then settling down on our homesteading land.

Warm Regards,

Kelli Jae Baeli

Bestselling Genre-Hopping Indie author of 51 books and 22 bestsellers.